Welcome to YAMAMOMIJI.
Our inn is located in Yufu and surrounded by cedar trees of Yufuin where you can feel calm and warmth.
In Yufuin, you can enjoy the view of each season with your eyes.
We are located near the center of Yufuin City with peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
We offer you our chef’s Kaiseki Ryouri, a traditional Japanese multiple course cuisine with fresh seasonal ingredients from local, 100% Natural hot spring with independent cottage-style room and our staff’s warm hospitality.
You can enjoy immersing yourself at the sight and nature in Yufudake (Mt. Momen), have a lovely and relaxing experience here.
We are looking forward to seeing you very soon.
About YAMAMOMIJI –Yufu no Oyado-
Japanese Style room with
a private Open-Air Bath
Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, we offer 14 quiet independent cottage-style room with private Open-Air bath. 12 rooms with a private Open-Air bath, 2 rooms with separated private family Open-Air bath.
All rooms have Japanese authentically inspired designs with Tatami-mat flooring which makes you feel nostalgic, a place filled with Japanese charms. We know you’ll enjoy our unique “independent cottage-style room” and “private Open-Air bath” experience.
100% natural hot springs
The bath is an alkaline simple hot spring which has been used as a medicine water since old days.
You can enjoy your private bath 24 hours a day, anytime you like. We also offer a communal bath which has an open-air bath made of stones and indoor bath of Japanese cypress as another amenity for you to try and relax.
We encourage you to try this and stretch your arms and legs as well as your mind.
Yufuin’s seasonal taste
The creative Kaiseki ryori, a traditional Japanese multiple course cuisine is prepared with fresh local abundant ingredients (Bungo wagyu beef, abalone, mackerel, lobster, etc.) and with a feel of the four seasons.
You can select from “Japanese style” or “the combination of Japanese and Western style“.
Please enjoy our owner chef’s specialty dishes.
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Free Wi-Fi
YAMAMOMIJI -Yufu no Oyado-
Reservation and Inquiry
+81-977-84-5581 /Fax.+81-977-84-5582
662 Kawakita Yufuin-cho Yufu-shi, Oita, 879-5114, Japan
Approx. 5 mins from JR Yufuin station by car (Free shuttle bus from JR Yufuin station/ 14 free parking spaces are available)
Japanese inn at a hot spring resort Yufuin, Oita